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RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V3
Same shape as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential.....

RRD Placebo V5  Kiteboards

The RRD Placebo V5 twintip kiteboards are again a step ahead. Once you are out kiting and trying to define...



RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

The new lightweight version of our most popular inflatable boards..... 

Product Details

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet

High density injection molded ABS

Price From : $125.00

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Product Options
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet (Color Black) Size S$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet Size M$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet Size L$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet (Color Yellow) Size XL$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet (Color Red) Size XL$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet (Color Black) Size XL$139.00 - save 11%$125.00
Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet (White/Black) Size XL$139.00 - save 11%$125.00


Product Description

Pro-Tec Ace Wake helmets have high-density polyethylene shells for durability and water-resistant lining for multiple impact protection.


The shell of the Pro-Tec Ace Wake helmet has vents for air and water flow. The Pro-tec Ace Wake features removable Cupping Ear Guards with water channels and padding around the ears to improve ear protection. The ear pieces are removable using simple popper attachments.


Stainless steel rivets and soft tubular webbing complete the quintessential package.


Protec Ace Wake Helmet features a patented multi-impact helmet technology that is ideal for the aggressive riding style of action sports athletes.


Pro-tec helmets provides innovative technology whilst still maintaining their classic style and providing the very best in protective equipment.



Dual Density Waterproof EVA: lightweight and waterproof - meets CE EN 1385 Water Sports Safety Standards.


Headlock System: offers excellent comfort and fit by cupping the occipital lobe of the head with high tech styling made from a flexible plastic skeleton. Height placement and front-to-back tension and adjustable as needed for different head shapes.


Cupping Ear Guards: removeable Cupping Ear Guards with padding around the ear to help prevent riders from blowing out their ear drums when they hit the water at high speeds.


Full Surround Interior Fit System: dual-density EVA interior covering the inside of the shell. Portions of the shell are cut thicker to cushion around the crown of the head


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