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Product Details

North 2011 Rebel 9m + Bar & Lines

High performance all-round 5 line kite

Price From : $750.00

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North 2011 Rebel 9m + Bar & Lines$2300.00 - save 68%$750.00

Product Description


North have kept the swept back hybrid delta shape which has now become the norm for all the manufactures now. If your looking for a great free ride kite that offers 100% de power, incredibly smooth bar/direct bar feeling your going to have to go along way to beat the 2011 North Rebel

Whether you're ripping apart surf, getting huge lofty jumps or just blasting around on flat water, the 2011 Rebel is a stylish 5-line all-terrain freeride/wave machine that gives you an unmatched "connected" feel and virtually limitless performance in all conditions.

The North Rebel has become famous for it's direct de-power, smooth, predictable turning, even when de-powered, and short bar stroke. And this year is no exception! Flutter-free wingtips have again greatly improved the smoothness and consistency of the Rebel's turning. This smooth turning combined with optimized canopy profiles that are highly resistant to back-stalling provide seamless power delivery ideal for surfing. Improved bar feel and de-power in the small sizes means even more comfortable and accessible top-end so you can keep having fun even when the wind gets nuclear.

This kite come with North 5th element Trust Bar 2010.


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