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RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

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Product Details

RRD Obsession MK8

Freestyle/Wave - Big Air

Price From : $1,320.00

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Product Options
RRD Obsession MK8 7m Kite Only$1650.00 - save 20%$1,320.00
RRD Obsession MK8 9m Kite Only$1875.00 - save 20%$1,500.00
RRD Obsession MK8 10.5m Kite Only$1975.00 - save 20%$1,580.00
RRD Obsession MK8 12m Kite Only$2100.00 - save 20%$1,680.00
RRD Obsession MK8 7m Kite Complete w/ Global Bar V7$2445.00 - save 20%$1,956.00
RRD Obsession MK8 9m Kite Complete w/ Global Bar V7$2670.00 - save 20%$2,136.00
RRD Obsession MK8 10.5m Kite Complete w/ Global Bar V7$2770.00 - save 20%$2,216.00
RRD Obsession MK8 12m Kite Complete w/ Global Bar V7$2895.00 - save 20%$2,316.00

Product Description


Our iconic big air kite has been completely re-designed this year. After long considerations on how to achieve an even lighter, faster, more powerful yet easy to be de-powered and stable kite, our design team has come across with a very simple yet very refined design concept.

Taking out 2 struts from the previous versions and making the Obsession a full 3 struts kite has been the base of this new concept. The foil profile has been changed, achieving a new kite that floats better in the air and brings a more direct type of feeling on the bar. Thanks to a new profile and a tighter leech tension we have achieved better hangtime, more stability of profile and a greater range of use.

Today the Obsession MK8 in sizes 10,5 and smaller can also be used as a Wave Kite, combining the freedom of improved maneuverability with an immediate effective depower-ability in any winds.

What seemed impossible is now the new Obsession MK8.

SIZES: 5 • 6 • 7 • 9 • 10,5 • 12 • 13,5 • 15

Kite and Global bar spare parts



  • Features

    As new features we are happy to introduce:

    1) B.U.S.T system (Bridle Untangle Stiff Triangle system) to prevent bridle tangling around tips.
    2) Double reinforcement tape around the leading edge closure to further extend lifetime of the kite.

    Finally you will be able to ride the Obsession in a larger wind range, getting more boost and hangtime potential than ever and an much easier to loop kite in your hands.

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