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Product Details

2017 Simmer Style Icon X Pre-Order

World Wide Wave Performance,Full X-Ply Design

Price From : $850.00

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Product Options
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 3.4m / Pre-Order$850.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 3.7m / Pre-Order$890.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 4.0m / Pre-Order$930.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 4.2m / Pre-Order$970.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 4.5m / Pre-Order$1,000.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 4.7m / Pre-Order$1,030.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 5.0m / Pre-Order$1,060.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 5.3m / Pre-Order$1,090.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 5.6m / Pre-Order$1,120.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 5.9m / Pre-Order$1,150.00
2017 Simmer Style Icon X 6.2m / Pre-Order$1,180.00

Product Description


2017 Icon is available in two versions, the ultra durable Icon X with all X-Ply/Q-Ply construction, and the Icon, a light-weight Monofilm/X-Ply/Q-Ply version. Versatility is the name of the game for the traveling windsurfer, and Icon is the most versatile sail ever designed.  The 2017 Icon has been optimized to deliver more drive and enhanced maneuverability, inspired by the mast curves and outlines we developed from the Blacktip and Apex. Icon features a lower aspect ratio outline, with more shape in the lower front area of the sail profile. This enables Icon to generate speed for turns and maintain power, all the while retaining the maneuverability one expects out of a wave sail. 5 batten profile provides the ultimate level of stability in vast wind ranges.  

What makes the 2017 Icons so unique is the applicability of this design. The key feature of Icon is it’s massive wind and tuning range, allowing you to fine tune the sail to a wide range of conditions. This also allows quivers to have a greater size range. Icon truly is Simmer’s Iconic World Wide Wave sail, and has won multiple awards for its perfect balance of power and control.


- All X-Ply / Q-Ply construction, very durable.
- Powerful profile for global versatility and adaptability.
- A maneuver oriented wave sail with a direct and responsive feel. 
- Superb ability to de-power in the critical moment of a maneuver and very forgiving handling characteristics.
- Versatile rigging settings: less outhaul for more constant power, or more outhaul for fingertip handling. or 
- ICON X for performance and bulletproof durability.  
- Wider sleeve for more front end drive. 
- Paneles and seams aligned along the directions of the load lines to distribute the forces.


size boom luff mast top battens
3,4 137 343 340 adjustable 5
3,7 145 355 340 adjustable 5
4,0 148 371 370 adjustable 5
4,2 153 373 370 fixed 5
4,5 160 385 370 fixed 5
4,7 165 393 370 fixed 5
5,0 169 406 400 fixed 5
5,3 174 416 400 fixed 5
5,6 178 428 400 fixed 5
5,9 180 445 430 fixed 5
6,2 187 456 430 fixed 5


Terms and Conditions

  • Simmer Style sails are available in Sweden  you can order them and  It takes just 10 days to FedEx them to the shop.
  • A 50% deposit is required to confirm an order, balance payable on collection of item.
  • Expected delivery is 10 days but may be subject to change.