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Product Details

Simmer Veron

The windsurfing revolution

Price From : $745.00

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Product Options
Simmer Veron 6.5m$895.00 - save 17%$745.00
Simmer Veron 7.0m$895.00 - save 17%$745.00
Simmer Veron 7.5m$895.00 - save 17%$745.00
Simmer Veron 8.0m$895.00 - save 17%$745.00

Product Description


The Veron is the best choice for sailors who want to have fun on the water and build a solid foundation of fundamental windsurfing skills. Up-hauling, water starting, planing, up-wind sailing, jumping, tacking. All the basics of high performance windsurfing are easy to learn on the Veron. The Veron is an entry-level performance sail that will get you fired up to go windsurfing. It features all the best that Simmer Style designs have to offer, such as: lightweight, durable construction, smooth power delivery and easy handling.


Key Features

- Early planing and easy handling suitable for recreational use and intermediate sailors learning basic maneuvers.  

- One mast, one boom and one extension for most sizes.

- Easy accessible performance, works well even when not perfectly tuned.

- Simple and strong construction, very durable.


Rider Comment

"  The Veron appeals to both beginners and to more experienced sailors. We have hundreds of Veron rigs at windsurfing centers and schools across the globe. Its balanced handling, early planing and maneuverability makes Veron a super fun and user-friendly sail. " 

- Tomas Persson 



size boom luff mast vario top
4.5 156 409 430/21 adjustable
5.0 163 426 430/21 adjustable
5.5 173 430 430/21 adjustable
6.0 181 433 430/21 fixed
6.5 193 445 430/21 fixed
7.0 207 455 430/21 fixed
7.5 216 467 460/25 fixed
8.0 228 479 460/25 fixed



2012 Simmer Veron from Simmer Style on Vimeo.

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