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RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V3
Same shape as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential.....

RRD Placebo V5  Kiteboards

The RRD Placebo V5 twintip kiteboards are again a step ahead. Once you are out kiting and trying to define...



RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

The new lightweight version of our most popular inflatable boards..... 

Product Details

RRD Rig X-Tra MK3 Sail Rig Package

Rig includes: sail, mast, boom, extension, uphaul.

Price From : $1,495.00

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Product Options
RRD Rig X-Tra 5.9m MK3 Sail Package$1,495.00
RRD Rig X-Tra 6.6m MK3 Sail Package$1,495.00
RRD Rig X-Tra 7.3m MK3 Sail Package$1,495.00

Product Description


 X-Tra MKIII Sail:

A new line for RRD, combining style and performance with a great price, to give a fantastic freeride sail for every level. From beginner to advanced this sail offers unbeatable price/performance ratio. The Xtra is designed to provide great acceleration and early planning. Just sheet the sail in and go. The perfect accompaniment to larger freeride boards, but also a sail that you will never out grow. Learn with the Xtra, improve with the Xtra and advance with the Xtra. Also available in full X-ply construction, the Xtra-X.

EV T8 Aluminium Boom:

The new EV T8 boom is a completely new re-designed boom. Available in 2 different sizes, they are both fitting Freeride and Easy Ride Rigs:

EV 150: 150-210 cms EasyRide and Freeride small size sails boom.

EV 180: 180-230 cms Freeride bigger size sails boom.

Evolution V2 C35 RDM Mast:

Evolution Masts collection are both produced with these special new features:
End reinforcements laminated with hi-tenacity carbon to prevent damage onto the UD fibers of the body of the mast. UD carbon finish pigmented with metallic powder that protects from UV ray exposure ensuring a longer lifetime. The ferrule of each mast is now completely built in monococque technology, making each mast a lot stronger and more stress resistant.

RDM Aluminium Extension:

Size :            30cm, 45cm

Technology : Soild aluminum T8 with thick walling

Fits :             RDM masts

RRD Uphaul Line.