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RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V3
Same shape as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential.....

RRD Placebo V5  Kiteboards

The RRD Placebo V5 twintip kiteboards are again a step ahead. Once you are out kiting and trying to define...



RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

The new lightweight version of our most popular inflatable boards..... 

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RRD Obsession MKV 12m + Placebo V5

Complete Package with Harness and Pump

Price From : $2,395.00

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RRD Bbsession MKV 12m + Placebo V5 137x40 Package$3759.00 - save 37%$2,395.00

Product Description


Obsession MKV Kite: The devil is back again. The Obsession name is synonymous of RRD Kites. The kite is the benchmark of any freestyle or freeride kites in the market. Its incredible boosting ability, great turning speed and super low end power, make it a favorite choice for many who want all this but with control and safety. The multiple bridle attachment all the way to the middle of the leading edge, make it an hybrid configuration kite that maintains its shape in the toughest conditions. The new MKV release, features slightly more bar pressure to allow better control of the increased low end power, thanks to a new more closed leading edge design. The wingtip design is slightly swept more backwards, to increase stability, with a high pressure point on the very end of the side lines attachment. The leading and the trailing edge are both extra reinforced and the trailing edge features some of the finest details of kite craftsmanship in assembling kites, an RRD signature that separates an Obsession from the rest. The Obsession MKV is a totally new redesigned kite, keeping the main strong points of the previous editions, but with a more compact-like feel.

Placebo V5 Kiteboard: Our reference line of kiteboards developed specifically for freeriding. Since its first introduction, the PLACEBO represents accessibility, thanks to its generous width and length and also to the the correct flex and feet response dynamics. The Placebo V5 biaxal fibers layup and profile design creates the perfect mix of comfortable but fun and sportive feel on the water. Slices chops like butter and turns smoothly under your feet allowing precise turns with firm grip and bite. The new tips outline of the Placebo V5 with a slight concave “rounded” swallow tip design, has increased the POP of the boards creating a more “freestyle” orientated type of behaviour when pushing on the pedal. A reference board that keeps improving version after version.

PROGRAM: Freeride & Freestyle

TECHNOLOGY: Laminar woodcore/ABS sidewalls snowboard technology with Crystal polished clear deck and bottom.

Size: 137×40 cm
Straps: Screwit System V2 + Assy Strap V2

Global Bar V5: The new Global Bar V5 has been further simplified to make Kiteboardingeasier, safer and longer lasting. We have taken all unnecessary parts out and created a full lean and smart control bar that works with water and sand.

Discover Seat Harness: Preshaped moulded EVA, Fiber glass battens inside, spreader protector, quick release closure, spreaderdownhaul, Neoprene edges, Grip print.

Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL

This Package come with:
*Obsession MKV 12m Kite.
*Placebo V5 Kiteboard.
*Global Bar V5 with Lines.
*Discover Kiteboarding Seat Harness.
*XL Pump.