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RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V3
Same shape as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential.....

RRD Placebo V5  Kiteboards

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RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

The new lightweight version of our most popular inflatable boards..... 

Product Details

Simmer Style Quest WindSup Rig Package

School / Novice / SUP Sail

Price From : $495.00

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Product Options
Simmer Style 3.0m Quest Rig Package$595.00 - save 17%$495.00
Simmer Style 3.5m Quest Rig Package$615.00 - save 17%$515.00
Simmer Style 4.0m Quest Rig Package$635.00 - save 16%$535.00
Simmer Style 4.5m Quest Rig Package$655.00 - save 16%$555.00
Simmer Style 5.0m Quest Rig Package$675.00 - save 15%$575.00
Simmer Style 5.5m Quest Rig Package$695.00 - save 15%$595.00
Simmer Style 6.0m Quest Rig Package$715.00 - save 14%$615.00

Product Description


The all new Quest sail is designed to make your first windsurfing experience as fun and easy as possible, with its light handling and smooth power delivery it is the perfect sail for both beginners, youth sailors and / or as a SUP sail. Featuring an all dacron ? PVC construction it is very durable for the ware N' tear seen at windsurfing schools and centers. All rig components are designed for the maximum ease of use and durability.

It is sold as a package for simplicity and compatibility.

Sail Size      3.0      3.5      4.0      4.5      5.0      5.5      6.0

Boom          150      155      160      175      190      200      210

Luff             310      340      370      385       400     415      430 

Adjustable Top     


The Quest rig package includes a 2-part fixed length aluminum boom, customized for each sail size.

By minimizing the design features the ease of use.


  • Impressive stiffness and durability due the T6 aluminum monocoque profile with fixed length.
  • Color coded EVA with sail size.

Minimal printed graphics for best possible price print.

Available to order as fixed and 2-part for SUP packages.


A fiberglass mast specifically designed for dacron sails with less mast curve. Available in 2-part for school packages and for Sup packages.

Sizes: 310 / 340 / 370 / 400 / 430


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