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RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V3
Same shape as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential.....

RRD Placebo V5  Kiteboards

The RRD Placebo V5 twintip kiteboards are again a step ahead. Once you are out kiting and trying to define...



RRD AirSup 10' 4" Inflatable SUP Board

The new lightweight version of our most popular inflatable boards..... 


Euro pin System, 2cm adjustment.
Euro pin System, 2cm adjustment.
Euro pin system tendon mast base
Great quality, super durable tube protection, easy mount!
Aluminium for Euro & US System
US base cup style
US base cup style & Euro pin style
US Pin Style SDM Mast Extension
The external adjustment system

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